Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Review

Hi Guys!!!!

Today I will be reviewing the much popular Palette from the Naked clan 😛 ,the Urban Decay Naked Smoky.I know its the beginning of a new week and the crazy heat and work load has already kept us on our toes.So lets just sit back and enjoy this gorgeous looking eyeshadow palette.

Urban Decay Smoky

Now can we just take a moment to praise and glorify this extremely beautiful,with NAKED embossed on it eyeshadow palette.This eyeshadow palette has 12 different shades of eyeshadows cased inside ranging from soft matte shades to dark colours for doing smoky eyes.

Urban Decay Smoky

If you see the colour spectrum,the palette shades have been arranged in a way that it begins from the colours which can be used to highlight the inner corner of eyes,then moving to the crease and actual socket of the eye where smoky looks can to be done and finally ending at the lighter matte shades which can be used to highlight the brow bone.

Closer Look at the Eyeshadow Shades

Urban Decay Smoky

Urban Decay Smoky

Shade Names and Colours


Champagne Highlighter Colour


Golden Bronze colour


Metallic Taupe


Frosted Silver Tones *has the most color pay-off of them all*


Metallic Gray


Charcoal with shimmer particles


Jet Black with a satiny finish *has a chunk of glitter in it which shows*


Plummy Purple


Medium Dark Taupe Matte


Brown Matte


Pink Taupe


Beige Satin with matte finish

More Photos and Swatches

Urban Decay Smoky


Urban Decay Smoky
From Left to Right-High,Dirtysweet,Radar,Armor,Slanted,Dagger


Urban Decay Smoky
From Left to Right-Blackmarket,Smolder,Password,Whiskey,Combust,Thirteen

One major thing to be noticed about this palette is that the color-pay off has not been that good on the eye-lids as it looks on the arm swatches.Without an eye primer,most of the shades barely seem to pop up or rather look like a subtle wash of colour on the eyes,Getting an intense smokey look on the eyes(which stays for quite sometime) will be difficult with this palette since most of the colours have an average pay-off.

The palette seems a major disappointment if smokey eye is to be achieved with this alone.One definitely needs either a swipe of a gel eyeliner or a gyood eyeshadow which shows up intensely.

You can see the look that I created using this eyeshadow palette here :-  bit.ly/wella-professionals-oil-reflections-smoothing-oil-review/





Not available in India.I got this as a gift from one of my relatives living outside the country but you can always swatch and get your hands on this if you are at any Duty Free which has Urban Decay or even better,ask your relatives to get this for you.

Will I recommend this?

If you havent any of the Naked Palettes,I’d suggest you to start with Naked 1 first since ti has the most basic and wearable colours and is one of the best UD palettes till date.This can be given a skip if you aren’t a makeup hoarder like me who loves trying new beauty stuff.

Let me know in the comments below,if you ahve tried the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette and how was you experience with it.
Until next time,Bye Bye!!


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