Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Review

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Today I will be reviewing the much popular Palette from the Naked clan 😛 ,the Urban Decay Naked Smoky.I know its the beginning of a new week and the crazy heat and work load has already kept us on our toes.So lets just sit back and enjoy this gorgeous looking eyeshadow palette.

Urban Decay Smoky

Now can we just take a moment to praise and glorify this extremely beautiful,with NAKED embossed on it eyeshadow palette.This eyeshadow palette has 12 different shades of eyeshadows cased inside ranging from soft matte shades to dark colours for doing smoky eyes.

Urban Decay Smoky

If you see the colour spectrum,the palette shades have been arranged in a way that it begins from the colours which can be used to highlight the inner corner of eyes,then moving to the crease and actual socket of the eye where smoky looks can to be done and finally ending at the lighter matte shades which can be used to highlight the brow bone.

Closer Look at the Eyeshadow Shades

Urban Decay Smoky

Urban Decay Smoky

Shade Names and Colours


Champagne Highlighter Colour


Golden Bronze colour


Metallic Taupe


Frosted Silver Tones *has the most color pay-off of them all*


Metallic Gray


Charcoal with shimmer particles


Jet Black with a satiny finish *has a chunk of glitter in it which shows*


Plummy Purple


Medium Dark Taupe Matte


Brown Matte


Pink Taupe


Beige Satin with matte finish

More Photos and Swatches

Urban Decay Smoky


Urban Decay Smoky
From Left to Right-High,Dirtysweet,Radar,Armor,Slanted,Dagger


Urban Decay Smoky
From Left to Right-Blackmarket,Smolder,Password,Whiskey,Combust,Thirteen

One major thing to be noticed about this palette is that the color-pay off has not been that good on the eye-lids as it looks on the arm swatches.Without an eye primer,most of the shades barely seem to pop up or rather look like a subtle wash of colour on the eyes,Getting an intense smokey look on the eyes(which stays for quite sometime) will be difficult with this palette since most of the colours have an average pay-off.

The palette seems a major disappointment if smokey eye is to be achieved with this alone.One definitely needs either a swipe of a gel eyeliner or a gyood eyeshadow which shows up intensely.

You can see the look that I created using this eyeshadow palette here :-  bit.ly/wella-professionals-oil-reflections-smoothing-oil-review/





Not available in India.I got this as a gift from one of my relatives living outside the country but you can always swatch and get your hands on this if you are at any Duty Free which has Urban Decay or even better,ask your relatives to get this for you.

Will I recommend this?

If you havent any of the Naked Palettes,I’d suggest you to start with Naked 1 first since ti has the most basic and wearable colours and is one of the best UD palettes till date.This can be given a skip if you aren’t a makeup hoarder like me who loves trying new beauty stuff.

Let me know in the comments below,if you ahve tried the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette and how was you experience with it.
Until next time,Bye Bye!!


Four Types of Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

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Its almost the weekend and I am back with a new post for you all today.This is about a kind of makeup look which has been a rage for the past few years and I still see it going strong,be it on runways,on brides,beauty bloggers or even on people in everyday life.Yes,I am pointing out at the smokey eye makeup which we all love looking at and replicating on ourselves.

Today we will see the four different versions of the classic smokey eye which can be created easily with the help of some basic eyeshadow or even better one complete eyeshadow palette in our vanity.

1.Everyday Smokey Eye

Now,most of us perceive a smokey eye look which can only be worn for parties or special occasions but by using subtle shades of eyeshadows or even by toning down the colours used in the classic smokey eye,it can be worn as an everyday look too.

everyday smokey eye

In this look use of a soft muted brown with gradient strengthening as we move from the centre outwards and a black liner creates a subtle smokey look.

2. Metallic Smokey Eye

So this particular variant of smokey eyes,is the much in demand kind which is mostly seen on brides,in elaborate beauty shoots etc.I personally love how gorgeous and glamourous it can make one look with that stark intensity on eyelids.

metallic smokey eye

For achieving this particular smokey eye,one needs to get hold of glitter makeup pigments or foiled eyeshadows which are available across many brands includes Faces Canada,Stila,Makeup Geek etc.

3. Sultry Smokey Eye

The eyes that you cannot take your eyes off and one of the most coveted effortless looks to achieve in eye makeup.A barely there,yet impactful sultry smokey eye enhances the facial features like none other because it looks.

sultry smokey eye

In this picture,the highlight of this look is the winged eyeliner.While the eyeshadows are ther on the eyelids,the colours work together to enhance the features of the eye.This is the most important aspect of a sultry smokey eye

4.Grungy Smokey Eye

Grunge,rock chic,biker look,goth whatever you might name it.The wicked yet appealing eye makeup look has been a hot favourite with young women these days.The impactful look comes out great when paired with a dark lip colour and this is where the look gets differentiated since most of the smokey eyes are worn with nude lip shades.

grunge smokey eye

Few Tips for Smokey Eye Looks

  • Make use of a lot of different brushes as they help in achieving the exact desired look.
  • Keep few extra clean brushes handy for seamless blending of two colours.
  • Make use of false lashes since they can make or break a look.
  • Highlighting the inner corner of the eyes works great in case of a smokey eye.

Image Credits :-Image 1 , Image 2 , Image 3 , Image 4

Thats it from my side too.Do let me know how did you find this post and which is your favourite smokey eye look to try out.

See you soon.Bye Bye!!!

Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil Review

Hi everyone!

I am back with another product review today.This time I am going to talk in detail about a hair oil/serum which I have been liking a lot at the moment.Its the Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil from the house of Wella, a beloved brand for many who love colouring their hair.

Wella Reflections Smoothing Oil


Wella Reflections Smoothing Oil

What the brand says?

This multi-sensorial hair oil spray, with macadamia seed oil, avocado oil and vitamin E, known as a natural anti-oxidant, instantly reveals the beautiful, natural reflections of hair color with a very lightweight technology that makes hair feel incredibly light and supple. High, glossy reflections: specifically designed to enhance the shine of Wella Professionals Color, making it up to 86% more reflective. Wella Professionals Hair Oil Reflections can be used in a number of different ways:

  • Conditioning — apply a few drops of hair oil onto damp hair for an instant, lightweight smoothing effect.
  • Styling — apply a few drops of hair oil to wet hair before you dry* for additional protection.
  • Finishing — apply after styling to give hair extra shine, and to intensify color reflection.

Price- 799 INR for 100 ml

Wella Professionals Smoothing Oil

Wella Smoothing Oil

My thoughts on the Product

  • The first thing that you notice about this smoothing hair oil is its pleasant floral fragrance,which is neither overpowering nor hits your senses hardIt has a kind of smell which is perfect when you want to indulge in a rejuvenating hair spa.
  • The hair oil is slippery and silky when poured on hands,which is due to the fact that it contains silicones.
  • When you rub it between your palms and apply it on the tresses,the oil dispappears and absorbs well in the hair strands without leaving any residue on the hands(A Big Plus)
  • The glass dipenser bottle makes it easy to use and hygenic fuss free product
  • I could see a noticeable difference in my hair ends when I applied this and let it absorb for 5-10 minutes.
  • Hair styling becomes easier and the hair is less frizzy,more manageable.
  • Since the product fares excellent in the Frizz managing department,it is a boon for the Indian climate which witnesses a lot of humidity almost 6 months in a year.

Wella Reflections Smoothing Oil


Wella Reflections Smoothing Oil


  • The smoothing oil contains silicones which ia harmful chemical for human body when used in the long run.
  • The glass bottle is not travel friendly because it makes it more prone to breakage 😦

You can buy it here :- http://bit.ly/Wella-Professionals-Reflections-Smoothing

Will I repurchase it?- Probably,no.Its not an exceptionally game changing product so  would like to try new hair serums and give this a pass for the next time.


Thats it for the review today.Do let me know how did you find this hair oil review?

Until next time..Bye bye!!!

Bright Pink Lip Look

Hi everyone!!

The weekeknd is almost here and Yes its time to head out from work robe to party mode.So here I am with a Bright Pink Makeup Look for you all,which I believe is a perfect show stopper for any party.Clear skin with lined eyes and a bold lip attract everyone’s attention while being classy at the same time.



I love how I can take this look from day time to a night time party look without much effort.The Bright Bold Lips have been quite a rage for sometime now and seeing everybody love it so much,I am sure this is not going anywhere soon.

Let me share a breakdown of the products I used to achieve this look:-



After cleaning and moisturising my skin,I started with colour correcting and doing my base.

1.For Colour Correcting,I used the Kryolan TV Paint Stick  in the shade 303 which has orange undertones.

2. The Foundation used here is the Kryolan TV Paint Stick in the shade FS28.

3. MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer- NC 42

4. Clinique Pressed Powder Bronzer

5. Makeup Revolution Blush in the shade Sugar

6. Lakme Absolute Gel Eyeliner-Black

7.Colorbar Eyebrow Pencil-Chestnut

8. Lipstick-The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick Sentimental

This look is perfect for a day out or even if you have a wedding party to go to.I love how this almost Fuchsia Liquid Lipstick goes so well with our Indian attires 🙂 The Black Gel Eyeliner is a no fuss,clean but statement look to make the eye shape come across in this look.

Tip:- While picking a bright lipstick,keep in mind the longevity and transfer proof properties of the product.The Balm,for example makes amazing liquid lipsticks that stay on for an entire day without budging or fading away even after meals.



That’s it from my side for the day.Hope you had fun reading this post.

Do let me know which bright pink lipstick is your favourite.

Till then,bye bye!

Summer Whites

Hi Guys.

Happy Sunday to you all 🙂 I am back with a new outfit post on a weekend.This is the essential welcoming the summers post for the Indian weather.So lets just hop on to the ensemble I love to carry during this season.Its the classic White + Denim combination.It can never be displeasing to the eyes,right? ❤

White Top

Classic Wardrobe Details:-


Distressed Jeans-Zara

Shoes-New Look


I have just tried to play around with subtle,darker colours in the palette to balance out the contrast from white top.The distressed jeans just adds to the edgy,rough yet calming vibe to the look and a tasseled bag is just an appropriate choice to roam around in comfort which ever activity,I am indulged in.The shoes with a 2 inch heel height are quite comfortable and add the much needed length to my structure.

zara Jeans

The frilly details on the top add such a girly look to an otherwise simple white top.These give me an illusion like I have got wings on my shoulders.Hehe!!Also hair tied back in a casual bun is my go to thing for the summers,almost everyday.

The fringed bag with brown colored rope detailing adds up as a perfect accessory for a basic look like this.A pop of colour on the lips is the best way to brighten up the basics in this outfit..

Enjoy some more pictures from this look and let me know in the comments below,how you find it.

Basic Look

White Top

White Top

See you until next time! Bye Bye!!!


The Oily Skin Saviours

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Hope the week is going good for all of you.Today I am back with a new post where I will share some of the products that have been absolute saviours when it comes to my Oily skin.My Oily skin story dates back to my teenage years when I used to get up in the morning and discover an oil spill across my T-Zone after wakng up each day.Back then I thought,maybe its the fried/oily food I eat was causing this.On my first visit to the dermatologist ever,I learnt that the type of skin we would have,are determined by our genes and food habits do not play a role in it.So here I am,blessed with an oil factory for my entire life 😛

Nevertheless,I learnt that this type of needs its own special care,to prevent clogging of pores,whiteheads,blackheads and pimples that tag themselves along if not looked after.After many years of trial and error,research,endless visit to drugstore counters in supermarket,I found out the products which work best for me.

I dont believing in overloading the skin with too many products,that way the key items are not able to show their efficacy on the skin.So here is a small list of items that are Holy Grail in my Bathroom Stash and have helped keeping oiliness at bay,preventing the occurence of pimples and whiteheads at the same time.
oily skin

1. Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash

Neutrogena says Oil free Acne wash is an alcohol free cleanser that provide deep cleaning without over-drying your skin.It penetrates deep to clean pores to help prevent pimples by removing excess oil and surface buildup.Special ingredients soothe and condition skin,leaving it clean,residue free and never oily.

Neutrogena Face Wash

This is a pale ochre yellow face wash with thick gel like consistency which has 2% Salicylic Acid in it,which is the main acne cleansing ingredient.I have not had a great experience with Neutrogena products before this so I was skeptical on trying *another* product from the Brand but having read rave reviews I gave in and bought this 6 months ago.I have been using it every morning since then and I must say I havent been disapoointed a bit.If any morning,I wake up with a little whitehead or pimple on my face,application of this face wash removes the top layer of the pimple and makes the healing process faster.True to its claim its not overdrying on the skin and follow up with a light moisturizer seems perfect.

2. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +

This is one raved product found in every oily,acne prone skin girl’s vanity and I,too can vouch for the credibility of this product.After shifting to a new city,I started noticing white bumps on one cheek which were neither whiteheads nor did they grow big enough to be categorised as a pimple.I wasn’t sure what home remedy or product would heal my skin disorder.But soon after I started trying this,I could notice a difference in my skin texture,those bumps were finally settling down and new breakouts’ frequency reduced a lot.Yay!!! Also,the product is Paraben free so it is no way going to clog pores. 🙂

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

3. Oriflame Skin Cleansing Pro System

In a world of Clarisonics and Michael Todds,which is a luxury beauty item for most of us,here is a humble brush cleansing system from Oriflame that works beautifully for the price it is sold for,justifying its worth.I tend to use it after removal of heavy makeup or twice on the week depending on,if the skin feels flaky or needs a deep cleanse.This handy little cleansing system comes with a pouch,thus making it easier to travel with.You only need to take your face wash onto its brush and rotate it around the face in circular motions to derive the maximum benefit from its one minute ritual.

Oriflame Pro Cleansing System

4. Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash

Last in this list of the HImalaya Neem Face Wash which is an old favourite of many.Its effective,very cheap and suitable for any time of the year thus making it a cult favourite among beauties of all skin types.I like to alternate my evening skin care routine with this sometimes,since it foams a lot and gives that instant zing of a squeeky clean face after a long day.

Himalaya Neem Face Wash

Thats it from my side and my list of HG items which have proved effective and gentle on my skin for quite sometime now.

What are your skincare favourites?I would love to hear from you all.

Until next time.Bye Bye!!

Three Ways to Style Palazzo Pants

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How is the Sunday going for you all?Mine is pretty slow,which is the usual case when I am in the hostel.No college,lazying around in your tiny little room is what most girls do on holidays.

Coming to the topic of today’s post,I am a big fan of Palazzo pants and I love styling them according to the occasion I am wearing to.Most of us would attribute a specific kind of palazzo pant to a particular occasion and would not wear it otherwise in our day to day lives but this post is completely going to change that.You can dress up or down your same palazzo pant and wear it to the Mall for your shopping trip and also to a Wedding Party(YES!) with the help of different styling and accessories.

Palazzo Style1.Party Look

This is something you can easily wear to a wedding celebration or a Pooja that you have to attend.A crop top like this and a chunky piece of statement jewellery.be it a necklace or a pair of earrings will add that zing to shine out in the crowd.In this look I have paired my Palazzos with a very quirky Cat print 3/4th sleeved crop top and a ginormous piece of statement neckpiece.This neckpiece almost does not leave any scope for any other piece of jewellery to sit on your body 😛

Hair with soft curls or even poker straight hair will look fabulous with this outfit.I think its just the way everything is put together with palazzos that will create the magic for you.I have worn flats with my outfit here but yes heels anytime will look great too.

Look No. 1
Look No. 1

Palazzo Pants

Chunky Necklace

Top -H & M

Palazzos-Alia Bhatt for Jabong

Necklace-Pipa & Bella


2. College Look

This is a look which can be very easily worn to college or when one is running their daily chores.In this look I have paired a jersey material crop top and added some dainty layered neckpieces to prevent the entire look from being monotonous and excessively colour blocked.And yes most of us will wear our hair in a bun when we are trying to get through our daily routine(Am I right?)

My Two Minute Bun works wonders as a hairstyle for me,the days when I dont want to do any elaborate hairstyle(which is most of the days :P) or when I havent washed my hair for quite sometime.It is a saviour at both times(YAY!!!)

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants

Pink Palazzo


Necklace-Pipa & Bella

3. Date Night Look

This is the last look in my series and this is the one which can be worn for a day out with friends,for shopping in the Mall or even for a date night as well.Pairing the same palazzo with a basic white shirt and adding the feminity with this delicate floral jacket,such an outfit can take you places.Also I love how the fabricated edges of the jacket blend well with the colour of the Palazzo Pants.In this outfit,I have paired the shirt with embellished collar tips and this is one of the best accessories to take a white shirt notches higher in terms of fashion quotient.

Palazzo Pants

Style Palazzo

Palazzo Pant

Jacket-Code for Lifestyle

Collar Tips-Mum’s

That’s all from my side regarding the styling of the very popular Palazzo Pants.

Do let me know in the comments how did you find this post.Looking forward to hear you all.

Until next time.Bye Bye!!! 🙂

One Product for Tangle Free Hair!!

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How was the month of March for you?For me it included,a bit of travelling,an amazing trip to Gujarat for the first time with my loved ones,visiting the beach for the first time in the city of Surat.So there were many firsts,you see 😀 By The Way,I loved Surat.The people there were very warm,courteous,decent with great family values.I wish I get to live there someday in my lifetime. 🙂

For now,let’s jump on to reviewing one of the most fabulous recent discoveries by a long haired girl who has suffered horrible tangles throughout her life(read:since Childhood 😦 ).My genes allowed rapid increase in the length of my hair ever since childhood and that resulted in proud parents boasting about their daughter’s hair.Who became the victim???-ME!!!! Because of such lengthy hair shampooing could be done once a week only,mostly on a holiday and the combing done by mum after shampoo used to be a nightmare for me.It was during that time all the detangling would happen and I would cry bucket loads of tears due to the pain.Ouch!!!!

Tangle Teezer

Now fast forwarding all those days to the present times,since there have been incidences where my hair got tangled like crazy and I could not do it myself and Ma came to my rescue but that again came with a lot of pain 😦

Then comes January,2016.I received my Grazia Beauty Box as a gigantic hamper won in one of their contests.There was this tiny little Tangle Teezer lying quietly in one corner.I wasn’t very excited for it since I had little knowledge about the same.One fine day after shampooing my hair,I decided to give this little buddy a try just like that.Little did I know,that this one product will change the way I look at detangling,forever.It removed the nastiest tangles in my hair without any pain.

Tangle Teezer

What The Product Says?

Whether you wear long hair, short hair, have highlights, hair extensions, an afro or a weave, the Tangle Teezer will detangle and smooth your hair into superb condition.

The Tangle Teezer dramatically reduces hair breakage, splitting and damage, resulting in beautifully shiny hair. After brushing, your hair will feel silky to the touch and stunning to look at.

The Tangle Teezer is a must-have for Mums! It’s loved by children as it helps them get rid of their painful tangles quickly and effortlessly!

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer

Highlights of the Product:

  • Leaves the hair detangled without causing any pain.
  • Anti-static action of the comb bristles leave the hair silky and frizz-free.
  • Safe to be used on wet or dry hair.
  • Does not cause pulling or excessive breakage of hair from follicles.
  • Detangling with a normal comb takes about 30 mins for me.This reduces the time to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • Compact design and shape make it a travel friendly product.

Product Cost: INR 1099 on Amazon.in here :-  bit.ly/tangleteezer

So get your hair off those ghastly tangles and enjoy this little,travel friendly buddy wherever you go.

See you in my next post.

Until then,Bye Bye!!!


Hi Guys!!!!

Wish you all a very Happy Holi!! How has the day been for all you beautiful readers?For me,Holi bingings include loads of gujiyas,keema samosa that my mum makes especially on this day and witnessing Holika dehen. It is one of the most favourite festivals for the ones who love playing and experimenting with colours.Being a blogger,experimentation is right up my alley and what better than integrating ethnic with casual,edgy key pieces in the wardrobe.


There has been a lot of rage about this high-low trend on topwear from kurtis to maxis,to maxi tops.I had been looking for short kurtis online onn a number of sites when I spotted this particular kurti shirt which had this attractive high-low thing onn it.Unsure of how it would look on me,I still risked my decision of going ahead with this and I am so glad I tried this out.

Yellow Kurti Shirt
Yellow Kurti Shirt

This is something you can wear at possibly so many occasions.You can dress it up for a party or dress it down for college day or sommething you would wear while running your errands.An interesting detailing on this kurti is the pink border on the inner edge which breaks the monotony of an otherwise conventional floral print and adds dimension to the waist area as well.

Accessorised the outfit with a few midi rings,a statement ring and a golden coloured bracelet.The white bottoms give that chic look to the ethnic ensemble and bring the contemporary side of this outfit out.

All Smiles.
All Smiles.

I have been a bit into purchasing yellow pieces for my wardrobe since I lack them and on every Basant Panchmi my Mom is like-You buy clothes throughout the year but don’t have a single Yellow to wear on such an important day :P. Do let me know inn the comments section below,how did you find this ensemble and I shall see you next time with a new post on the blog.



Shoes-Steve Madden

Rings-Forever 21,Pipa & Bella

Bracelet-Pipa & Bella

Thankyou so much for reading this!!

Bye Bye!!

How to be a Less Impulsive Shopper?

Hey Guys!!

I am back with a new post this Monday.The topic I am going to talk about is very interesting and quite close to all our hearts.

That’s right,it’s SHOPPING!!!!!

Best friends shopping together.  [url=http://www.istockphoto.com/search/lightbox/9786738][img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40117171/group.jpg[/img][/url]

We,as females have this gift from God to shop tirelessly,endlessly to the limit that sometimes we can go crazily bankrupt.Yes,and it quite easy in today’s time since the market is flooded with gazillion products,it becomes very difficult for us to pick something up that we actually need and something which will add value to our closet.So today I will share few tips and tricks which can control that shopping impulse or make it a little lesser.

1.Plan Before Buying                                                                                                                                          Planning your next shopping trip helps you to be more oragnized than you can even imagine.Download your favorite stores’ app and find the items that you need/like and will be most probably buying next time you visit a mall.Like for me personally,I love shopping at ZARA and H&M,so I have their apps on my phone and saved a wishlist of the items that I like.When I will visit the store next time,instead of aimless hunting,my eyes will only be looking for the items I have already decided upon,from my planning beforehand.This is not only going to save time but my shopping experience is also going to be a lot smoother.

2.Make Lists of the Items You Want                                                                                                            Yes! Remember,our moms making the list of items to be bought for montly ration.Make a list of the clothing,shoes,make up items you have been wanting from a long time.You can easily look upon that list when you are in a mall and straightaway head to the respective stores.

3. Research about the items                                                                                                                           This is where reviews by bloggers come in handy.Always research about the items you wish to buy,on the internet or from your friends who already have it.An apt and honest review about any makeup or clothing item can save one loads of moolahs which in turn will help us buy more of our favorite items 😀 Yay!!Decide on items ,keeping in mind you skin type,body type to speeden up your shopping process.

4.Decide on a budget range                                                                                                                             Give yourself a budget within which you have to complete your entire shopping on your next visit to the mall.What this does this,while it satiates your craving to shop wholesomely,it saves you from splurging a lot on unneccesary items.Budgeting a shopping helps one to re-think and strike out the less needful items from the list.Afterall,this is the appropriate age one can start learning the importance of having a sustainable economy.

5. Be content with Yourself                                                                                                                             Do not jump into buying something just because your XYZ friend has it.You already have a lot of make up and clothing items which havent been worn even once.Determine yourself to use them first and then hop on to buying new items.Most of the times we end up splurging on expensive items just because we want to show it off to some friend or relative.Stop procrastinating and invest some time in giving thought to the items lying uselessly in your wardrobe.

6. Re-hash old Closet items                                                                                                                           Mix and Match is one thing which will never go out of trend.Mix your new closet items with the old,even vintage pieces from your Mom’s closet.The end result is exceptionally pleasant to the eyes,so many times.Trying wearing your designer stitched backless blouse with your Mom’s 25-30 years old saree and see what magic it creates.DIY clothing items from old ones make the best wearable stuff since this is an era of distressed denims,patch work ensembles.


That’s all the gyaan I have at my end to share with you guys.

Do let me know what are your tips to control that urge to shop and lets make the world a sustainable,happy place to live in 🙂

See you next!Bye Bye!!!!

Image Credits :- Image 1 ,  Image 2 , Image 3